The Fountain, No. 3 from Three Memories


SATB div., Piano, and Flute
Also in this set: Something Sings (No. 1) and My Childhood Home (No. 2)
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Text: William Wordsworth (1770-1850)


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Text by Williams Wordsworth

Down to the vale this water steers,
How merrily it goes!
’Twill murmur on a thousand years
And flow as now it flows.

And here, on this delightful day,
I cannot choose but think
How oft, a vigorous man, I lay
Beside this fountain’s brink.

My eyes are dim with childish tears,
My heart is idly stirr’d,
For that same sound is in my ears
Which in those days I heard.

Thus fares it still in our decay:
And yet the wiser mind
Mourns less for what Age takes away,
Than what it leaves behind.

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